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Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication exists to facilitate the necessary technical infrastructure to facilitate the free flow of timely and reliable information and feedback between the Government, its various departments, global contacts and the public. Focusing on the co-ordination of policies to monitor and evaluate the implementation of government programs that deal with telecommunication and postal services.

HE Abdullahi Elmoge Hersi2

and Telecommunications

Based on our belief that communication is a human right, our focus is to provide a reliable, modern cost effective telecommunication facilities that can deliver voice and data for the whole of the country.



The Somali Postal Services is getting rebuilt and will soon be operational with the help of Universal Postal Union. The Somali Post will not only enable us to communicate, but send and receive goods in a cost effective and timely manner.


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Necessity of Telecommunication, Media and Postal Services

We have accepted that telecommunication and postal service as a prerequisite of developing our country. In order to promote private sector's participation in the telecommunication sector, the government Policy for this sector has created a favorable environment. The government has made a commitment to maintain competition and encourage public private partnership in this sector. We are moving towards a fully liberalized telecommunications market environment where all Somali business oriented people, as well as global investors are encouraged to participate.

The Somali Telecommunication sector is going through a major change to ensure consumers get quality of service and value for their money. The urgent major issues facing the sector are interconnection among all operators, simcard registration, number portability facility, CERT to deal with cyber security, frequency harmonization with neighboring countries, IPv6 and DTT digital migration. Ensuring international and national regulations are respected for all those with a license to operate in the Somali ICT sector is a high priority for the Ministry.

The new telecommunication law, approved by the Ministerial Council will ensure the delivery of secure, affordable higher quality service for all. This is a major achievement for the Ministry and when the parliament enacts this law, Somali ICT sector will enter a new phase, where at last the rule of law (enforceable) becomes the norm.  

The Somali postal service is functioning, albeit handling increasing volumes of incoming mail. Phase II of implementing the Somali Postal Service is underway which will enable sending and receiving mail across the country possible. Modern telecommunications and postal infrastructure is an essential requirement for rapid economic and social development of the country.  We are committed to timely delivery of high quality telecommunication and postal services at an affordable cost.

The focus of the ministry is to build the necessary legal and technical foundations for Somalia's ICT and Postal sector, to give all reliable, credible and highly advanced structure that can contribute to the development of the national economy. It is my public responsibility, the ministry's mandate and also my private ambition to move you all to the North of the digital divide.

The landing of the fibre optics has changed the Somali ICT landscape, coupled with my commitment to provide free .edu.so domain names to all Somali educational institutions, free .edu.so based email accts and domain names to all Somali students, to encourage them have not only their own websites but to start web development initiatives, e-business and online commerce projects. All Somalis especially students are encouraged to take advantage of this offer and soon migrate to the online, digital world. For all those who are interested, you are all welcome.... please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and join the growing number of Somali Netcitizens. Have ideas to share please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  This is really an exciting time for the Somali ICT sector.... the journey starts now, please come along and welcome to the new virtualized Somalia!  

Mohamed Ibrahim - Minister of Posts and Telecommunication. Email: