The Somalia Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, local professional membership organization that seeks the generation of ideas and cooperation towards the growth and progress of the Internet and its applications among the Somali ICT community, with a focus on the localization of these efforts while also contributing to the larger goals of the Internet Society.

The Internet Society (Somali Chapter) also aims to be the platform that will bring together the Somali IT professionals and engineers involved in the Internet-related industries to share their technical know-how and expertise. Considering the environment and circumstances in Somalia, the chapter will have to fill a gap left by the nonexistence of similar professional associations and organizations.

The establishment of the Internet Society (Somali Chapter) comes at a very crucial time in which the country, despite the turmoil, plans to connect to the global internet environment. ISOC-somalia is one of many ICT related projects engaged in the rebuilding of Somalia as a part of the major theme of 'Rebuilding Somalia one institution at a time'

As will be reflected in its organizational structure and the by-laws adapted from the ISOC constitution, the Somali Chapter of ISOC is open for anyone interested in promoting the role of the internet in developing the ICT sector. The Somali chapter will coordinate its activities with other chapters in the wider Internet Society.

We would like to encourage all Somalis to become member of the internet Somali chapter. We would like to see our students participate isoc activities and interact with other member around the world.